“I AM THE ‘STORYTELLER!’”  I am an Observer of Space and Time, one of many actually, and my ‘post’ is what you call Earth.  My sole purpose is to observe, evaluate, and on occasion­­­—interact with You.  You know—Your kind:  Mortals, Humans, Mankind.

My years number into the Eons, and you’ve all had an encounter with me, and/or my kind.  Though, in all fairness—You probably never even knew-it…

I am that ice-ball in your stomach when you’re about to do something that’s going to make you regret-it, or, when you’re doing something wrong, and you know it.  I’m that inner-voice, sometimes, when you’re about to make an important decision.  Especially one that I and my Creator—THE CREATOR—know is going to be life altering!  Whether you listen to-it or Not, is entirely your choice.  All of you were made (each and every one of you) with the Gift of ‘FREE-WILL’, but--That is another subject, for another time…I have digressed.  Forgive my change of subject.  Back to the matter at hand…I am that feeling on the back of your neck when you feel as though you are being watched and you turn, but—there is No-One There!

I am also, much, much, more than that…I can interact on so many more levels, and, sometimes, it gives me great pleasure to do so.  My interactions, of course, are supposed to be on a limited basis, but—can be whatever I choose!

I can be punished for certain things, and have been reprimanded from time-to-time.  For, like you, there have been times that I felt it was worth the consequences.  Yes, I can be punished, for even I answer to a Higher-Power, though Immortal I surely be…

I’ve come before you today, not only to let you know of my existence, but, to share one of my endless array of tales and recordings.  For you see, even after all the time that has passed, I still find you humans to be the most fascinating of all creatures!

You see, to be as vulnerable and weak as you appear to be anatomically—the strength that you can draw-on from your Spirits, Your—Souls?—can cause you to do things, and accomplish things, that border on the Supernatural!  And that is something I know quite a-bit about…

“Now, when you combine that with an Indomitable-Will, and an Unconquerable Mind-Set—The possibilities are almost endless!  I cannot even begin to count all of the things that I’ve witnessed over the vast Centuries, but, take my word for-it—There Are MANY!

For my experiments, and the fables I choose to regale you with—I do not choose those as you might think I would…I do not select Policemen, or Law Enforcement Agents, or Firemen, nor anyone of that ilk, where it is their profession to help people—for that is to be expected.  After-all, that is what they do—is it not?  And so, when they do their job—where is the surprise or wonderment in that?

No…Where I am most fascinated is ones who are waaaay more surprising than that!  The ones who are somewhat—tarnished?—shall we say?  Quite possibly the least likely to accomplish anything worth mentioning.  Also, I am fascinated to no-end with those of a dark nature.  I am neither Evil, nor Good.  I am Neutral.  And as such, equally curious with both sides of the cosmic coin.  The never-ending battle and struggle of Both Entities!  Therefore, I am drawn much-more to the ones deemed—Anti-Heroes…Underdogs, and scraps of society that for the most-part are overlooked, and/or cast aside…

For example:  Hit-men, Ex-convicts, Bouncers, Bank Robbers, Bikers, Disillusioned War Veterans, Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera…The list is long, and continuous, but, in its own way---Distinguished.

I select subjects by their Auras…I choose them from their Auras because that is their REAL ESSENCE!  Not their Personas, nor what society has labeled them, but—their true core.  The different shades, and exquisite colors of these Auras (Not their epidermis, mind you) speak to me.  Each individual one, enlightens me, to that particular persons strengths, weaknesses, vices, flaws, and unique character (be-it sterling, or—Not!)  And That is what makes for fascinating and intriguing, adventures, and tales, that will entertain you to no-end, every-bit as much as they have myself and those like me!

You see, I do not choose people by what they do, or whether they are ‘bad’ or ‘good’, nor anything like that.  None of my kind has, nor will they!  It is not what we were created for!  If it is Moral Judgments, or other such things as this that you seek—you’ll have to speak with others of higher-power than we.  Our existence is for one purpose and one purpose only—to record, and, in your case—to reveal stories of incredible infatuation for me!

I do hope that you enjoy every one of them as much as I have.  As you will discover, the amount of such Tales and Events I have to share with you are almost—Endless!

My name has been written in the stars, in a coded language, that is far beyond any mortals’ comprehension…This is to prevent you from ever calling me by name.  For if you could, it would make me materialize before you whenever you wish…This Can Never Be Allowed!  However—for the sake of being your guide on this, and many, many, journeys to come, you may call me—‘THE STORYTELLER’!

I vow this to you—once you enter my world of Action, Suspense, Drama, Mystery, and even Supernatural Phenomenon—you will forever return for More…

Now—sit-back, relax, and allow your mind the Freedom to absorb this Exciting Fable I have in store for you this evening…I doubt seriously, that you’ll be disappointed.  ENJOY!”






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